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porsche 997 Repair, Service & Maintenance

We specialize in Porsche 997 Repair, Porsche 997 restoration and maintenance services. Our expert team follows a strict Porsche 997 maintenance schedule. From IMS bearing replacement to turbo oil change, clutch replacement to control arm replacement for Porsche 997, we’ve got you covered.

Is your Porsche 997 experiencing issues with the cup holder, timing chain, or alternator? Our skilled technicians are well-versed in general Porsche 997 repair, Porsche 997 instrument cluster repair and IMS bearing replacement. With our dedication to detail, we’ll have your Porsche 997 running smoothly and looking pristine in no time. Don’t let worn-out parts affect your driving experience; visit us now for exceptional Porsche 997 repair and restoration services in Dubai.

porsche 997 restoration & Maintenance Services

We specialize in providing superior Porsche 997 restoration and maintenance services. Our expert team of trained Porsche 997 technicians is passionate about maintaining the superior performance and timeless aesthetics of these magnificent machines. Utilizing authentic Porsche parts and cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, we ensure that your car remains in the best possible condition, staying true to the high standards set by Porsche itself. From minor Porsche 997maintenance to full restorations, our Dubai-based workshop is your trusted destination for ensuring your Porsche 997 continues to deliver the exhilarating driving experience you’ve come to love. Experience the difference in care, precision, and craftsmanship for Porsche 997 repair service in Dubai.

Our comprehensive range of Porsche 997 auto repair services includes:
  • 997 Turbo Oil Change: Our trained mechanics use only the finest grade oil, keeping your engine running smoothly.
  • Porsche 997 Clutch Replacement: Trust our experts to handle your Porsche 997 clutch replacement with precision.
  • Porsche 996 Control Arm Replacement: We also offer Porsche 997 control arm replacement services.
  • Porsche 997 Cup Holder Repair: Even minor interior issues like cup holder repairs are treated with utmost care.
  • Porsche 997 Timing Chain Replacement: Trust our Porsche 997 experts to provide a prompt and efficient timing chain replacement.
  • Porsche 997 Alternator Replacement: We offer top-quality Porsche 997 alternator replacement services.
  • Porsche 997 Instrument Cluster Repair: Our team is proficient in instrument cluster repairs.
  • Porsche 997 IMS Bearing Replacement: We provide a comprehensive IMS bearing replacement service.
  • Porsche 997 Air Filter Change: Maintain the health of your engine with our air filter change services.
  • Porsche 997 Coolant Flush: Our service ensures your engine runs at an optimal temperature.
  • Porsche 997 Brake Pad Replacement: We offer brake pad replacements as part of our maintenance services.
  • Porsche 997 Transmission Service: Preserve the smooth driving experience of your Porsche 997 with our thorough transmission services.
  • Porsche 997 Wheel Alignment: Our precise wheel alignment service enhances the handling characteristics of your Porsche 997 .
  • Porsche 997 Differential Service: Our team offers professional differential service, ensuring optimal power distribution to your wheels.
  • Porsche 997 Engine Tune-Up: Our experts inspect and adjust critical components to ensure your Porsche 997 runs smoothly.
  • Porsche 997 Suspension Service: We inspect and service the suspension components, ensuring a smooth, controlled, and comfortable ride.
  • Porsche 997 Headlight Restoration: With our headlight restoration services, we ensure that you always have the best possible visibility.
  • Porsche 997 Battery Replacement: Our experts can inspect your battery and perform replacements when necessary.
  • Porsche 997 Spark Plug Replacement: With our replacement services, we ensure your Porsche’s engine remains in top-notch condition.
  • Porsche 997 Exhaust System Repair: We offer comprehensive repair services for your Porsche 997’s exhaust system.
  • Porsche 997 Tire Rotation and Balance: Our services ensure even tire wear and a smooth, vibration-free ride.
  • Porsche 997 Radiator Repair: Trust our team to provide top-quality radiator repair services.
  • Porsche 997 Air Conditioning Service: We offer expert air conditioning services to keep your Porsche’s interior comfortable.
Porsche 997 Repair In Dubai

porsche 997 restoration & Collision Repair Services

Porsche Repair Dubai is the go-to destination for owners seeking top-notch Porsche 997 restoration and collision repair services. Recognizing the rich history and unparalleled engineering behind every Porsche 997, our team of highly skilled and certified technicians dedicates themselves to restoring these classic sports cars to their original, flawless state. We take immense pride in our meticulous attention to detail, whether we are correcting minor dings or performing a complete overhaul following a major collision.

We offer a complete, end-to-end Porsche 997 repair process that aims to bring back the gleaming aura of your Porsche. Using state-of-the-art equipment and authentic OEM parts, we match every curve, hue, and performance specification to meet the strictest standards set by the automaker itself.
Let us become your trusted partner in maintaining and enhancing your Porsche 997, and witness firsthand the dedication, passion, and expert craftsmanship that distinguish our services in the realm of luxury car care.

997.2 maintenance scheduled Services

We are proud to offer our premium 997.2 maintenance scheduled services. Recognizing the critical importance of regular and detailed maintenance for the longevity of your Porsche, our expert technicians adhere strictly to the recommended schedule for the 997.2 model. This includes comprehensive checks and services and overall system evaluations to ensure that your Porsche performs at its highest level. With the necessary specialist equipment and the latest diagnostic tools, we guarantee thorough and efficient service every time you visit us. Entrust your Porsche 997.2 with us for regular maintenance and experience the best in automotive care in Dubai.

The followings are the top services for Porsche 997 Repairs:

  • Full engine diagnostics
  • Oil and filter change
  • Brake system inspection
  • Transmission fluid change
  • Tire rotation and balancing
  • Wheel alignment
  • Fuel system cleaning
  • Battery inspection and replacement
  • Coolant flush and replacement
  • Air filter change
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Power steering fluid check and replacement
  • Differential fluid change
  • Exhaust system check
  • Suspension and steering inspection
  • Drive belt replacement
  • Timing chain/belt check
  • Radiator inspection and coolant refill
  • Brake fluid replacement
  • Air conditioning system inspection and refill

porsche 997 maintenance schedule

At Porsche Repair Dubai, we firmly believe that regular and precise maintenance is the key to preserving the performance, safety, and longevity of your beloved Porsche 997. Our comprehensive Porsche 997 maintenance schedule is meticulously designed following the manufacturer’s guidelines. It includes routine checks every 10,000 miles or 1 year, whichever comes first, encompassing oil and filter changes, brake and tire inspections, fluid level checks and top-ups, among other services. Moreover, every 40,000 miles, we provide more detailed services such as spark plug replacement and brake fluid changes.


Question Asked For porsche 997 major service In Dubai

This service includes complete bodywork, paint repair, interior refurbishment, engine and transmission rebuilds, suspension tuning, and more. Our team of highly skilled technicians uses only authentic Porsche parts and follows the brand’s meticulous quality standards.

Our Porsche 997 Major Service includes a complete check of your vehicle’s mechanical components. This comprises a full engine diagnostic, inspection and replacement (if necessary) of the ignition parts, fluid changes, tire rotation and alignment, brake system check, exhaust system check, and a comprehensive inspection of electrical systems. Regular major services can prolong your Porsche’s life, maintain its performance and help prevent costly future repairs.

We recommend a Major Service for your Porsche 997 every 20,000 miles or every 2 years, whichever comes first. However, depending on how you use your vehicle, more frequent servicing may be required. Regular servicing ensures your Porsche maintains peak performance and safety at all times.

The length of the restoration process largely depends on the extent of work required and the specific needs of your vehicle. A full restoration can take several weeks or even a few months for the most comprehensive projects.

Yes, customization is a key part of our restoration process at Porsche Repair Dubai. Whether it’s a specific color you want for your car’s exterior, custom upholstery, or performance upgrades, our team can work with you to create a personalized plan that suits your desires while maintaining the integrity and value of your Porsche 997.

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