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Welcome to “Porsche Repair Dubai”! We’re passionate about Porsche, and we know you are too. That’s why we offer a full suite of Porsche painting services to keep your Porsche looking fresh. Fancy a Porsche paint refresh or a complete Porsche color change? We’ve got you covered. From our comprehensive Porsche Paint Repair to our advanced Porsche Paint Protection, we ensure your car’s brilliance and durability are maintained at all times. Let’s get that Porsche of yours looking its best!

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Porsche Paint Protection Film (PPF)

The Porsche Paint Protection Film, also known as Porsche PPF, is a transparent layer of protection applied over your Porsche’s paint. This innovative technology shields your Porsche from potential damages, including minor scrapes and environmental wear, ensuring your Porsche remains in pristine condition. It guards your Porsche’s paintwork against scratches, stone chips, and all the messy stuff the roads can throw at it. While the exact Porsche PPF cost varies based on the coverage area, the Porsche PPF represents a valuable investment in preserving the elegance of your Porsche. Indeed, the importance of Porsche Paint Protection cannot be overstated for maintaining Porsche’s aesthetic value.

Porsche Painting & Paint Protection Dubai

Porsche Paint Protection Services We Offer

At Porsche Repair Dubai, we offer a comprehensive Porsche Paint Protection service designed to maintain the pristine quality of your vehicle’s exterior. From carefully applying Porsche protective films to detailed Porsche sealing and polishing, we go the extra mile to ensure your Porsche remains a showstopper.  Our Porsche mechanics are specialized in PPF Porsche and Porsche paint touch up for all makes & models of Porsche

  • Porsche Stone Guard Film: This film offers reliable protection for your Porsche, safeguarding it from stone chips and assorted debris.
  • Porsche Ceramic Coating: This service involves applying a liquid polymer that unites with your Porsche’s paint, ensuring enduring protection and a radiant sheen.
  • Porsche Wax Sealant Application: We apply a superior wax sealant that not only boosts your Porsche paint’s shine but also creates a defensive shield.
  • Porsche Clear Bra Installation: This involves placing a see-through, protective film that exhibits high resistance to both impacts and scratching.
  • Porsche Wheel Protection Coating: This service protects your Porsche’s alloy wheels from substances like brake dust, dirt, and road salt.
  • Porsche Paint Protection Film (PPF): This is a transparent film specifically designed to guard your Porsche’s paintwork against potential harm.
  • Porsche Glass Coating: We provide a robust protective layer that boasts extraordinary resistance to scratches and damage from the elements.
  • Porsche Nano Coating: This advanced coating technology provides exceptional protection while making your Porsche’s surface simple to clean.
  • Porsche UV Protection Coating: This service shields your car’s paint from the intense Dubai sun, warding off discoloration and oxidative damage.
  • Porsche Anti-Rust Treatment: Our service protects your Porsche’s undercarriage from rust formation due to moisture and salt.

Porsche Stone Guard Film

Porsche Stone Guard Film is a bespoke solution designed to safeguard your Porsche’s paint from unforeseen threats. This is an awesome protective layer that keeps your Porsche safe from the tiny, yet damaging, pebbles and debris that fly up from the road. The Porsche stone guard’s purpose is to make sure these little threats don’t even get a chance to harm your Porsche’s paint. And guess what, Porsche stone guards are sturdy, but they don’t last forever. When they start looking a little worn or scratched, that’s your cue to replace them. Porsche Repair Dubai has an experienced team of Porsche specialists to provide your Porsche with premium Porsche protection film & Porsche stone guard film.

Porsche Paint Repair Services offered by Porsche Repair Dubai

Looking for a top-tier Porsche Paint Repair service? You’ve found us – Porsche Repair Dubai! We’re all about making your Porsche look like it just left the showroom. From minor scratch repair to full body repainting, we’ve got you covered with full Porsche Body Shop Service. No dent is too small, no scratch is too deep, and no color is too hard to match. Our services are tailored to meet your Porsche-specific needs, and keep your Porsche looking its best!

  • Porsche Dent Removal: Our Porsche specialists repair dents without damaging the existing paintwork. 
  • Porsche Color Matching: We ensure that any new paintwork perfectly matches your Porsche’s original color.
  • Porsche Bumper Repair: This service fixes any paint damage to your Porsche bumper, maintaining a consistent look.
  • Porsche Panel Repair and Repainting: Our Porsche mechanics are capable of repairing and repainting any panel on your Porsche after an accident or damage.
  • Porsche Spot Painting: This service targets and fixes small areas of Porsche paint damage, perfect for Porsche stone chip repairs.
  • Porsche Full Body Repainting: We offer a complete repaint for your Porsche, restoring its original beauty.
  • Porsche Custom Painting: We also offer personalized paint jobs according to your individual preferences.
  • Porsche Clear Coat Application: Our Porsche specialists restore the glossy finish of your Porsche after a Porsche paint repair job.
  • Porsche Rust Repair: This service targets and repairs any areas affected by rust, before repainting to match your Porsche.
  • Porsche Scratch Repair: Our Porsche specialists will take care of your Porsche with our precision scratch repair, turning back the clock on your Porsche’s paintwork.
  • Porsche Paint Chip Repair: This service brings back the flawless finish of your Porsche with our expert paint chip repair, seamlessly blending the repaired area with your Porsche’s original color.

Porsche PPF Service for All Porsche Models

  • Porsche Taycan PPF:
    The electrifying Porsche Taycan deserves protection that matches its cutting-edge technology. Our Porsche Taycan PPF (Paint Protection Film) service is designed to safeguard the striking aesthetics of this electric beauty. Whether you own the Taycan Turbo or the Taycan 4S, our team applies the PPF with utmost precision. The cost of our service for the Taycan model typically starts around AED 4,000, ensuring your car’s paintwork remains pristine for years to come.
  • Porsche Macan PPF:
    For the dynamic Porsche Macan, our PPF service is a perfect match. Known for its compact yet robust design, the Macan can benefit greatly from our protective layer, keeping the SUV’s impressive finish free from damage. We cater to all Macan models – from the Macan S to the Macan GTS. Starting at an estimated price of AED 5,500, our PPF service adds longevity to your Macan’s vibrant look.
  • PPF Porsche 911:
    The iconic Porsche 911, a symbol of speed and luxury, deserves unparalleled care. Our PPF service for the Porsche 911, whether it’s the Carrera or the Turbo model, ensures this timeless masterpiece stays as elegant as ever. Our detailed attention to every curve and line of the 911 model maintains the classic appeal while offering essential protection. Pricing for the 911 model starts at AED 6,000, a valuable investment for preserving the legend’s allure.

These are only estimated costs. You can contact us for detailed quotes & claim discounts.

Porsche Painting & Paint Protection Dubai

Question Asked For Porsche Paint Protection Service In Dubai

Paint protection is essential to maintain your Porsche’s aesthetic appeal and protect it from environmental factors like UV rays, stone chips, bird droppings, and road salt, which can damage the paintwork over time.

Yes, the PPF can be removed without causing any damage to your Porsche’s original paint, preserving its resale value.

Prices for Porsche paint repair services vary depending on the nature and extent of the damage. Contact us for a detailed estimate.

Absolutely! We specialize in color matching to ensure the repaired area blends seamlessly with the rest of your Porsche.

We can handle everything from Porsche minor scratches and stone chips to Porsche major dents and rust repair.

You can schedule an appointment by calling us or filling out the booking form on our website.

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